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Cub Scout Pack 31 and Boy Scout Troop 1111 participated in an Earth Day initiative to make residents aware of the concerns of dumping toxic waste into our storm water drains. This initiative is part of the Borough’s MS4 requirement and Three Rivers Wet Weather Storm Drain Marker Program pertaining to storm water management. For more information on MS4 and storm water management please visit the following sites:

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Storm Drain Marker Program

The borough would like to recognize and thank the following scouts for their participation in our Earth Day Project:

Ryan Conley, Jospeh Bileck, Colen Dudas, Ryan Graham, Brandon Graham, Owen Miller and Dean Spade.

To participate or for more information concerning community volunteer programs please contact our Recreation Director, Tony DiCenzo at 412-466-8170 or at adicenzo@westmifflinborough.com