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Per Borough Ordinance #1158 an individual and or political committee must complete an application and deposit a $75.00 refundable fee and submit it to the Borough of West Mifflin to assure the proper placement and removal of political signs on Right of Ways with in the Borough of West Mifflin.
Timeframe for Display:
No political signs may be displayed on Public Rights of Ways in the Borough of West Mifflin until 30 days prior to Primary or General Election.
Political signs must be removed from said public right of ways no later than 14 days after primary or general elections. Failure to remove said political signs will result in the surrender of the $75 refundable permitting fee.
Political signs in Right of Ways must be located a minimum of 5 feet or more outside the paved edge or curb of roadways.
Political Signs are NOT permitted on Borough owned property or on traffic islands. Political signs shall not be placed at intersections that will cause a CLEAR SITE OBSTRUCTION.
Political signs are not permitted to be affixed to utility poles in any manner.
Violations of Ordinance #1158 can result in the removal of political signs by the Borough of West Mifflin and be cause for citations to be issued in accordance with Pennsylvania law.
If you have any questions regarding political signs, or the placement of political signs, call the borough administration offices at (412) 466 8170