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For the last nine years, an individual and business/group has been recognized for their exceptional contribution to their community and mankind in the Borough of West Mifflin.  The selection process is done by either mail-in or electronic submissions to an independent group of five residents, through the office of the Mayor. This process has been successful in eliminating the appearance of favoritism. The selection committee would like to acknowledge the record number of nominations submitted for consideration this year. One member wrote “ It is so humbling to live in a community that continues to give back, even when it means personal sacrifice. The member also added, “the letters we received restored my faith”. The awardees will receive a beautiful plaque with a golden “Key to the City” and inclusion on the recognition board in the foyer of the municipality.

This year the Office of the Mayor is pleased to announce the selection of Reverend Peter Roy of the Terrace Church of the Nazarene and Mulligans Sports Bar located on Lebanon Road as the 2020 recipients of Citizen and Business of the Year respectively

Reverend Peter Roy, has been the Pastor of the Terrace Church of the Nazarene since December 2005 and a full-time Borough resident since 2006.  His church is located on Worton Boulevard near to the intersection of Worton and Homestead-Duquesne Road.

Pastor Roy has consistently reached out to the community offering his services and support to those in need.  His continuous acts of kindness made him an easy selection for the Review Committee to choose him as “Citizen of the Year.”

Early in the Pandemic of Covid-19, Pastor Roy stepped up and was one of the first to offer assistance.  His initial outpouring of love (that we’re aware of) was to make certain that the most vulnerable were being attended to.  Remember that during the initial shut down due to Covid -19, Personal Protection Equipment was hard to come by.

There was an immediate concern for the residents of Mifflin Manor Apartments, an Allegheny County Housing Authority facility located on Sharp Ave. Fear overtook responsibility and the on-site manager vacated the management office and no one was permitted access, including the Meals on Wheels Agency or family members to check on their loved ones. 

Without hesitation Pastor Roy made contact with some of the residents and was discreetly able to gain access delivering much-needed supplies. Within a day or two Pastor Roy was on a mission and organized a plan to make certain that life-sustaining services were provided to those most in need. To this day those services continue.

In addition, Pastor Roy is a mainstay along some of the Boroughs busiest thoroughfares where he can be seen not only at organized events but alone picking up trash. The Pastor has helped distribute monthly food delivery from the Homestead Salvation Army as well.  Through his efforts, many individuals who would have gone without have been taken care of by his selfless actions.


   The 2020 Business of the Year is Mulligans Sports Bar located on Lebanon Road.  As one member of the selection committee stated (and echoed by the others), “Even without a pandemic, Mulligans should be selected because of all the good deeds the owner (Brad) does each and every year.


A little history of Mulligan’s reaction to the 2020 pandemic relates to the generosity they provided to the community.  When the State of Pennsylvania issued a lockdown order for restaurants and schools, they initially did so without thought of initiating a feeding program for the children whose parents would soon be out of work. At the outset, the borough and school district were scrambling to stay ahead of the unknown course the virus would lead us through.  On the second day of uncertainty Mulligan’s Proprietor, Brad Yeschenko contacted Mayor Kelly to offer a free lunch program to school-age children. Imagine opening your kitchen to over 3,000 kids a day! As fear began to overtake society and hoarding of vital necessities became the new norm, Mulligans again stepped up and offered to provide food-purchasing through their distributors.  Mr. Yeschenko never questioned an individual’s ability to pay nor which community they called home. 


As the ambiguous rules changed more than the weather, Mulligans became a leader in innovation thoughts to maintain service while operating under restrictive guidelines and spending thousands of dollars to do so.  It’s important to note that many of the Mulligans employees also volunteered their time to box, and in some incidences delivered fresh food to those at risk of traveling. 


Mulligans Sports Bar has been a mainstay of community involvement for many years. Mr. Yeschenko donates his services and equipment for just about every recreation program the Borough provides, and in many cases these events draw over 600 kids. 


Just about every athletic league, team or organization has their fundraising events at Mulligans, where Brad opens his doors, his wallet and his heart to provide the necessary funding for these groups to succeed.


We are pleased to present these awards to Pastor Roy as West Mifflin’s 2020 Citizen of the Year and to Mulligan’s Sports Bar as our 2020 Business of the Year!