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COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF WESTMIFFLIN met in regular session in the Municipal Building Council Chambers on

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. prevailing time with President Regis Stephenson presiding.


ROLL CALL:            Andzelik – Present, Munsie – Present,  Falce – Present, Olack – Present, Kostelnik – Present , Popovich – Present, Stephenson – Present


Seven members present, absent none. Mayor Kelly Present.








Motion by Munsie, seconded by Olack that the Minutes from the June 21, 2011 and the July 19, 2011Council Meetings be approved.


Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.




  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Kostelnik to approve the consolidation plan of two (2) lots located on Smith’s Lane.

Lot & Block 469-D-135and 469-D-129.


Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Falce to approve a Sub Division for the Fialkovich Plan of Lots; two (2) lots to correct lot lines and parcel numbers located at 819 Corbin Street.


Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Falce to approve the Preliminary and Final Site Plan Approval for Pittsburgh Self

Storage located at 828 Thompson Run Road the construction of additions to existing buildings and for the

future installation of additional storage buildings subject to the conditions outlined from the Planning Commission. Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.

  1. D. Motion by Olack, seconded by Falce to approve advertising a Request for Proposal for Custodial Services for the

Borough of West Mifflin Uniform and Non-Uniform Pension Plans. Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.




CommunityDevelopment………………………………………………….. Walter Anthony


Mr. Anthony read the Community Development and Code Enforcement Reports for the month of August 2011. Police……………………………………………………………………………….. Kenneth Davies

Chief Davies read the Police Department Report for the month of August2011. Public Works……………………………………………………………………. James Hess

Mr. Hess read the Public Works Department Report for the month of August 2011.


Mr. Hess reported that the paving program is completed and under budget.  He said that Public Works will begin to aggressively patch before the winter months.


Mr. Stephenson requested an update on Melvin Drive. Mr. Hess explained that Columbia Gas was doing a project on that street and a representative from Columbia Gas met with the residents and explained that they have contracted an outside company to do the repairs to the street.


Recreation……………………………………………………………………….. Lance Maha


Mr. Maha thanked everyone for their assistance with another successful Community Day.


Mr. Maha reported that the Annual Halloween Party would be October 29that the West Mifflin Area High School from

10:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon for ages1 to 10.


EMS Report…………………………………………………………………….. William Plunkett


Assistant Chief Marty Mayer read the EMS Report for the month of August2011.


Assistant Chief Mayer reported that free flu shots will be offered at16 sites throughout the Borough beginning in

October.  He said they would be advertised in the McKeesport Daily News.


Assistant Chief Marty Mayer reported that all 30 staff members are touring all the schools to become familiar with them.


Assistant Chief Marty Mayer reported on August 24th EMS completed their certification for the 3 year PA License



Assistant Chief Marty Mayer reported that his staff has responded twice this month to the PA Strike Team. He said they traveled to Harrisburg, PA and Egg Harbor, New Jersey from September 2nd – 6th to assist with evacuations due to the flooding and also to Bradford, PA and Susquehanna, PA  from September 7th – 10th.  He remarked that all costs would be reimbursed by FEMA and PEMA.




Mayor Kelly reported he made contact with the new owners of Century III Mall and would be setting up a meeting within the next two week with their management.


Mayor Kelly thanked everyone involved with the Crime Watch Parade and Community Day.







Solicitor DiLucente reported at Council’s request he is in the mist of completing a substantial review of the Borough

Insurance Policy.


Solicitor DiLucente reported that the School District would take the lead on an assessment appeal that reduced the total market value of the Wal-Mart property from $14,502,600 to $12,800,000.




Mr. Rober reported that Duquesne Light Company has been setting new poles for the Bettis Traffic Signal Project.  He stated that he is estimating completion of the project by mid November.


Mr. Rober reported that a meeting scheduled with the PaDCNR on Monday, September 19th was cancelled.  He stated that the meeting would be rescheduled and that the purpose of the meeting was to make minor modifications to the grant application for the LaFarge Soccer Complex.


Mr. Rober reported that following the Council Meeting on October 18,2011 there would be a Public Meeting to provide information on the repair of the Homeville Road Bridge.







Mr. Kamauf reported that State Representative Bill Kortz would be having his 5th Annual Senior Fair Expo from 10:00 am

-1:00 pm on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at Homeville Volunteer Fire Company.


Mr. Kamauf reported that last month the SVCOG supplied the Borough with 40 carbon monoxide detectors for West Mifflin residents and there are approximately 25 left for anyone interested in obtaining one.  He remarked that proper identification would be required to verify residency.


Mr. Kamauf reported that the first phase of the Allegheny County Energy Program has begun with the retrofitting of the lighting for the Borough Building.  He stated that the entire project is $66,776 which $50,082 is EECBG Grant money,

$11,239.75 would be covered by energy service rebates leaving a final cost to the Borough of$5,454.25. He said that

once this project is completed the annual cost savings is estimated to be $9,000 a year, with an additional $7,100 in estimated maintenance cost savings over the next 10 years.


Mr. Kamauf reported that Council agreed to participate in the Allegheny County Tobacco Free Playground Program and signs were delivered and are currently being posted at the playgrounds throughout the Borough.


Mr. Kamauf reported that he has received the calculations for the Borough’s 2012 Minimum Municipal Obligation to the pension funds and the Police contribution is $793,886 and Non Uniformed Employees is $458,562.


Mr. Kamauf reported that a Budget Meeting was held on August 22, 2011and he would like everyone to understand the challenges the Borough faces with the 2012 Budget. He stated that the Borough is currently looking at a shortfall of approximately $1.872 million in revenue. He said he is working with department heads to identify ways to address the shortfall and he will be prepared to discuss this at the next Budget Meeting that would be scheduled for the beginning of October.


Mayor Kelly questioned whether any requested information has beensubmitted from County Councilman Macey since he met with Council at the Caucus Meeting regarding the appeals process. Mr. Kamauf replied that Mr. Macey has contacted him and said that he is working on getting the information and also planning a meeting in the next few weeks with the Allegheny County Airport Authority, the Assessment Appeals Board and the PAR (Pennsylvania Association of Realtors) Board.




Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Olack that all bills properly approved by the Finance Committee be paid. Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.







Audrey Groves 238 Millport Road stated that she never received her 2011 Borough Real Estate Tax bill and when she realized that she had not received it the 2% discount period had passed.  She said when she went to the Tax Office to explain the situation they would not accept payment for the discounted amount.  She said she contacted Mr. Stephenson and he recommended she attend tonight’s meeting. Mr. Stephenson requested that Solicitor DiLucente give Ms. Groves his legal opinion.  Solicitor DiLucente explained that Council does not have any authority over the Tax Collector who is an independently elected official and there is nothing they can do to help her. Mr. Allen then approached the podium and explained the Tax Collection Law.  After further discussion Mayor Kelly requested they move their conversation to the Tax Office.


James Jasinski 4100 Home Street thanked Council and Mr. Hess for the paving of Home Street. He also commented on the gas card theft from this past January and said he is speaking on behalf of the residents that this should not be swept under the rug and the residents want the full amount recovered not just the $10,000 from insurance. Mr. Jasinski questioned the status of the illegal signs posted on poles that was discussed at the Caucus Meeting. Mr. Anthony

replied that the day after the Caucus Meeting Mr. Hess directed a crew from Public Works to go throughout the Borough and remove any signs that were on public property and he stated that this would be done routinely. Mr. Jasinski

thanked Councilman Munsie for helping the residents.


Diane Stanesic 2803Glenny Lane Extension commented that the School District approved the estimate of $19,000 and not 50% of the signals at Homeville Elementary and New England Elementary at the last School Board Meeting explaining that it is public record. Mr. Kamauf replied that the Borough’s response was discussed at the Executive Session and is not public information at this point.


Harry Thompson 6679 Adams Avenue asked the Solicitor if he thought that Wal-Mart appealed their assessment because of the Century III Mall reduction.  Solicitor DiLucente remarked that one would presume that to be the reason. Mr. Thompson requested that when Mayor Kelly meets with the new management of Century III Mall that he address that the lines need repainted on their roads.







Motion by Andzelik, seconded by Kostelnik that the Meeting be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 7:15p.m. prevailing time.


Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.