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Borough of West Mifflin Planning Commission Meeting

Monday October 6, 2014

6:30P. M.








CASE# PLC 14-06


APPLICANT:   Robin Maxwell                                  APPLICANT:    Leona Bickus

ADDRESS:        318 Oak St                                        ADDRESS:        314 Oak St

West Mifflin, PA. 15122                                               West Mifflin, PA. 15122


APPLICANT:   Steve Barron

ADDRESS:        3414 Cedar St

West Mifflin, PA. 15122


OWNER OF PROPERTY:                 Same as Above

PROPERTY LOCATION:       Same Parcels

West Mifflin, PA 15122


ZONING DISTRICT:    R-2   Medium Density Residential


The request is for a final sub division approval for the property line adjustments to those parcels.





CASE # PLC 14-08


APPLICANT:   MDM, LLC c/o Jeff Berneburg

ADDRESS:        8851 Kind Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15237


OWNER OF PROPERTY:                 Tech One Associates

PROPERTY LOCATION:       2280 Lebanon Church Road

West Mifflin, PA 15122


ZONING DISTRICT:    C-1 General Commercial



The applicant is requesting a Conditional Use authorization for the construction of a drive thru restaurant. The applicant is demolishing the Wendy’s drive thru restaurant and constructing a new 3458 square foot restaurant. The request is subject to Borough Code 290 Article X Section 290-75 with the following conditions.


A drive-through facility shall be permitted as a use by conditional use or special exception, subject to the following express standards and criteria:


  1. Minimum stacking space requirements.


(1)  All uses which include a drive-through window or which are characterized by patrons remaining in their vehicles to receive service shall provide on-site stacking spaces in order to alleviate traffic congestion.


(2)  Stacking spaces shall be a minimum of 12 feet in width and 20 feet in length.


(3)  All stacking areas shall be separate from other vehicular and pedestrian circulation aisles and parking spaces. It is recommended that stacking lanes be separated through the use of landscaped islands bounded by concrete curbing.


(4)  The number of stacking spaces required shall be determined by the following schedule:


(a)  Restaurant, fast-food: a minimum of five spaces as measured from the drive-through window.


(b)  Vehicular washes: a minimum of four spaces per car wash bay as measured from the bay.


(c)  Financial institutions: a minimum of four spaces for one drive-through window, plus three spaces for each additional drive-through window or automated teller machines (ATM).


(d)  Other uses with drive-through windows or similar characteristics. For uses not provided herein, the Planning Commission shall determine the appropriate number of stacking spaces based on a use listed above that most closely approximates the proposed use, or through information provided by the developer or owner of the proposed use, or through consultation with other communities containing uses similar to the one proposed, or through a combination of these methods.