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The Borough of West Mifflin will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 9 , 2021, at 9:00 AM in the West Mifflin Borough Council Chambers located at 1020 Lebanon Rd. West Mifflin. The purpose of taking testimony and findings of fact from the Building Inspector and any affected property owner as to the dilapidated and or unsafe conditions of the following structures. At the conclusion of said hearing, findings will be forwarded to Borough Council for recommendations and actions.


823 Blackberry Street                       385-E-118 & 385-E-121

3114 Duquesne Avenue                    181-F-335

410 Elm Street                                   180-S-52

4430 Glencairn Street                       238-M-10

403 Grandview Avenue                    305-E-208

3716 Greensprings Avenue              181-H-257

104 Hampton Road                           469-N-230

390 Homestead Avenue                    181-B-212

3715 Homestead Avenue                  181-F-320

3729 Homestead Avenue                  181-F-270

4023 Kennywood Boulevard            238-D-41

2522 New England Road                  469-C-140

2838 New England Road                  386-K-206

838 Oak Street                                   237-J-92

1707 Ohio Avenue                             305-P-82

2029 Valley Street                             305-N-333

3425 Virginia Avenue                       181-D-20

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