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COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF WEST MIFFLIN met in regular session in the Municipal Building Council Chambers on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. prevailing time with President Michael Moses presiding.

ROLL CALL:    Davis        Present        Marone    Present

            Kostelnik    Present        Olack        Absent

            Kushner    Present        Stephenson    Present

                     Moses Present

Six members present, one absent (Olack). Mayor Kelly present.


John Koczka 4333 Everlawn Street questioned Agenda Item D. He questioned the rental of the office space along with utilities and insurance. Mr. Kamauf explained the space that Mosites will be renting is two offices on the first floor and after two months the utilities will be reviewed. He also stated that the company has 2 million dollars of liability insurance.


Motion by Davis, seconded by Kushner that the Minutes of the June 16, 2015 Council Meeting be approved. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Davis, seconded by Marone to approve Deed of Easement and Right of Way to Pennsylvania-American Water Company, on Buchanan Avenue for proposed water booster station. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.
  2. Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Marone to approve/ratify purchase of 2003 Blaw-Know PF4410 Paver from Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc., in the amount of $45,000.00. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.
  3. Motion by Marone, seconded by Kostelnik to approve and accept the bid for Rock Salt from Cargill, Inc., as submitted to the SHACOG Purchasing Alliance at a cost of $69.20 per ton, terms of agreement shall be in effect from July 21, 2015 until June 16, 2016. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.
  4. Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Marone to approve lease agreement with Mosites Construction Company, for use of 960 square feet of office space located at 4733 Greensprings Avenue, at a cost of $1,000.00 a month for 15 months. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.
  5. Motion by Kushner, seconded by Davis to approve the 2 lot Steiner Sub Division as recommended by the Borough Engineer and the Planning Commission. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.
  6. Motion by Marone, seconded by Stephenson to advertise an Ordinance adopting and accepting all the benefits and rights as created by the state legislature in the adoption of Act 90 of 2010. This ordinance would allow the Borough to withhold permits on tax delinquent properties. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.
  7. Motion by Davis, seconded by Stephenson to approve and accept the CITF Grant for the West Mifflin Community Park and Basketball Court in the amount of $100,000.00. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.


Community Development…………………………………….…………Walter B. Anthony

Mr. Anthony read the Community Development Report for the month of June 2015.

Police………………………………………………………….…………….Chief Ken Davies

Chief Davies read the Police Department Report for the month of June 2015.

Chief Davies reported that the West Mifflin Police Department has participated in the Aggressive Driving Detail through PennDot.

Chief Davies reported West Mifflin Police posted two photos of unknown suspects on their Facebook page and within 15 minutes had substantial tips which positively identified both.

Chief Davies reported that on May 11, 2013 a 67 year old female was shot and killed in her Patton Avenue residence. On June 16, 2015 an arrest was issued for the suspect. Chief Davies wanted to thank Allegheny County Homicide detectives for their efforts in this arrest.

Mr. Marone had a question about the new service weapons and if they were in service. Chief Davies replied there is a problem with a recoil spring which he is working with SigSauer to correct this problem.

Mr. Kostelnik questioned if new Police cars are in the budget. Chief Davies said he is looking to replace two cars and this will be discussed at the next meeting.

Public Works……………………………………………………………….…….James Hess

Mr. Hess read the Public Works Department Report for the month of June 2015.

Mayor Kelly asked if the Borough is close to having weekly recycling, to which Mr. Hess replied that we are not close at all.

Mr. Moses asked how the summer help is going. Mr. Hess said the summer help program is going very well.

Recreation…………………………………………………………………Anthony DiCenzo

Mr. DiCenzo reported a movie night will be held at the Community Park on July31, 2015.

Mr. DiCenzo reported CCAC will be using Winklevoss for their home field for their fall and spring baseball seasons. A permit will be issued. CCAC has agreed to construct shelters in the dugout areas and also maintain the infield at Winklevoss.

Mr. DiCenzo reported another reimbursement check has been received from Jump Start Sports in the amount of $717.50 for their spring flag football and soccer leagues.

Mr. DiCenzo reported site planning has begun for the basketball courts at the Community Park. The Grant has just been executed so the next step is for NIRA to survey the site location.

Mr. DiCenzo thanked Girl Scout Troop 51145 for their volunteer efforts in planting flowers in the Borough which were donated by the Western PA Conservancy.

Mr. DiCenzo commented on a phone call from a woman commending Tom Palko, our park watchman, for his work ethic.

Mr. DiCenzo said he has begun to look into the leases and agreements associated with our playground properties in accordance with our park consolidation initiative.

Mr. DiCenzo contacted the Carpenters Union to set up a date in which the union will volunteer at the Community Park.

Mr. Kostelnik questioned the fee CCAC will pay for use of Winklevoss. Mr. DiCenzo said it will be $250.00 from now until the end of the year and then $750.00 for the next calendar year. Mr. Kostelnik questioned the status of the Baseball/Softball League. Mr. DiCenzo stated there is a new Board of Directors and he is to meet with them in September.

Mr. Marone questioned about the Carpenters Union replacing bleachers and how this will affect our Borough’s union workers. Mr. Kamauf said we are not paying the Carpenters Union and that this is strictly volunteer.

EMS……………………………………………………………………………Chief Todd Plunkett

Chief Plunkett read the EMS Report for the month of June 2015.

Chief Plunkett reported the Free Flu Shot Clinic will be available this fall.

Chief Plunkett thanked Chief Davies for reports on the Mifflin Road construction.


Mayor Kelly reported that all citizen’s complaints were handled satisfactory thanks to the efforts of Public Works and the Police Departments.


Solicitor DiLucente said he is preparing an Ordinance to withhold building permits for tax delinquent properties.

Solicitor DiLucente prepared the Deed of Easement to PAWC for the public to have better water and service.

Solicitor DiLucente reviewed and made recommendations for the Mosites lease of the office space on Greensprings Avenue consistent for insurance purposes.

Solicitor DiLucente reviewed and analyzed the land purchase for the old Borough Building. He noted that Council has been very aggressive to make sure this building will be sold. He stated that once the land purchase agreement is signed, within 30 days the public will know what the entity is. This is standard under PA code. Until we have something signed, we will negotiate with anyone or everyone.

Mr. Marone asked if the abandoned vehicle Ordinance has been discussed. Mr. Anthony replied that they are looking at possibly amending the Property Maintenance Code for abandoned vehicles. This will be presented to Council before anything is drawn up. Solicitor DiLucente noted that this amendment is not to single anyone out. This amendment is for abandoned vehicles on private property deemed to be unsafe.


Mr. Antonelli reported contracts for the road paving projects have been returned and signed by the contractor Peter Caruso & Sons.

Mr. Antonelli reported about the Basketball Courts at the Community Park. Mr. DiCenzo had met with a representative from Duquesne Light to make sure there were no issues with the power lines that run through the park.

Mr. Antoinelli reported about the Public Works floor repairs. A meeting is scheduled with the contractor and Mr. Hess.

Mr. Antoinelli reported that PAWC should complete relocation of water lines along Curry Hollow Road by late August after that Niando can complete replacement of a storm sewer culvert.

Mayor Kelly wanted to know if there is ample documentation about the lack of danger from overhead power lines above the recreation facility at the Community Park. Mr. Antoinelli replied there is nothing official to refer to and we should have written communication regarding the use of the right of way. Mr. DiLucente said the PUC is in charge of this, however he stated he is unaware of any lawsuit being successful in regards to a situation like this. He also said that we should work with the PUC on this to protect the citizens.


Mr. Kamauf read the Finance Report for the month of June 2015.

Mr. Kamauf read a letter from Allegheny County stating employees will begin a rabies baiting for all municipalities beginning next month.

Mr. Kamauf reported the closing of the Homeville Bridge will be August 3rd and continue until the fall of 2016. Planned detours are in place.


Motion by Davis, seconded by Kushner that all bills properly approved by the Finance Committee be paid. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.


Motion by Davis, seconded by Kostelnik to accept the resignation of employee No.784 effective immediately. Roll Call: Six ayes, no nays, one absent (Olack). Motion carried.

Mayor Kelly recognized Andy Quayle, the Borough’s Information Technology Coordinator for his outstanding work with the Police Department’s Warrant Board along with the Borough’s Facebook page and website.


Harry Thompson 6670 Adams Avenue questioned why the For Sale signs were missing from the old Borough Building. Mr. Kamauf replied that new signs are on order.

Mr. Thompson reported that his neighbor is doing a better job on his property. Mr. Anthony said this neighbor called him and he should have his property fixed by the end of the week. Mr. Thompson requested there should be public input regarding the abandoned car ordinance. Mr. Moses said there is always a public hearing for any new ordinance.

John Koczka 4333 Everlawn Street wanted to know the assessed value of the old Borough Building and why the sale of the building is taking so long. Mr. Kamauf replied the assessed value can be found on Allegheny County’s website. Mr. DiLucente responded regarding the assessed value vs. the appraised value. Mr. Moses responded the reason the sale has taken so long was to follow the auction procedure of 30 days between each of the auctions.


Motion by Davis, seconded by Stephenson that the Meeting be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m. prevailing time.