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COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF WEST MIFFLIN met in regular session in the

Municipal Building Council Chambers on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. prevailing time with President Michael Moses presiding.


ROLL CALL: Davis Present Marone Present
Kostelnik Present Olack Present
Kushner Present Stephenson Present

Moses Present



Seven members present, absent none.  Mayor Kelly present.
















Motion by Olack, seconded by Kostelnik that the resolution be adopted.  Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.  Resolution given No. 1271.



  1. B. Motion by Olack, seconded by Marone to approve the proposal of Hosack, Specht, Muetzel & Wood LLP for the audit of Financial Statements for the Borough of West Mifflin for the years ending December 31, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nay  Motion carried.



  1. Motion by Marone, seconded by Olack to approve purchase of the following furniture for the new Borough Building/Police Department through Mount Lebanon Office Equipment Company and COSTAR Contracts:



  1. Police Department – HON Office Furniture $38,760.00

COSTAR #35-067

  1. b. Borough Offices – HON Office Furniture $9,544.82

COSTARS #35-067

  1. c. Office Blinds – Caldwell’s Windoware Incorporated $4,933.57

COSTARS #35-067

Mount Lebanon Office Furniture Delivery and Installation $4,740.00

Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.



  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Marone to approve advertising for two (2) Part Time Receptionist positions for the new Borough Building. Under remarks, Mr. Moses explained that the building is a secure building and there is a need for a Receptionist to allow people to enter the building.  Mr. Kamauf also explained that the lease agreement with UPMC requires that the building be secure. Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.



  1. E. Motion by Olack seconded by Marone to approve the PILOT Agreement between Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) and the Borough of West Mifflin. Annual PILOT payment to the Borough will be no less than $7,500 subject to percentage increase in the event of millage increase.  Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nay  Motion carried.




  1. F. Motion by Olack, seconded by Davis to ratify and approve the following Borough

Insurance renewals:



  1. Travelers – Including Property, Inland Marine, General, Law Enforcement, Public Entity Employment, Auto and Cyber Liabilities, Auto Damage and Umbrella Coverage at an annual cost of $243,037.
  2. b. Excalibur Insurance Management Services, LLC – Workers Compensation and

Employment Liability Insurance at an annual cost of $437,101. Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.


  1. G. Motion by Marone, seconded by Davis to approve the Borough Manager to create a job description for a Full-time Recreational Director and advertise the positi Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Kushner to advertise RFP for security screen windows for the Police Department at the new Police Station. Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays.

Motion carried.






Community Development…………………………………………………. Walter B. Anthony


Mr. Anthony read the Community Development Report for the month of December 2013.


Police ………………………………………………………………………………. Chief Ken Davies


Chief Davies read the Police Department Report for the month of December 2013.


Mr. Olack requested that the Chief develop a report that would show a breakdown of the amount of money spent on Court Time.  Mayor Kelly replied that approximately two-thirds of the costs are postponements.


Public Works …………………………………………………………………… James Hess


Mr. Hess read the Public Works Department Report for the month of December 2013.


Mr. Hess stated that his department is aggressively cold patching when the weather permits.


Mr. Hess reported that he is working on finding a vendor to take e-waste in order to pick up these items at curbside.  He also said that a company called Construction Junction located at 214 N. Lexington Street which is in the Point Breeze section of the City of Pittsburgh will accept any

size television for free.


Mr. Kostelnik reported he received complaints regarding contractor’s dumping material in the dumpsters at the Borough Garage.  Mr. Hess said he reviewed the video which is set on the entrance gate and could not see who had dumped a large amount of plaster.  Mr. Kostelnik suggested adjusting the camera to focus on the dumpsters or perhaps getting another camera.


Recreation ……………………………………………………………………….. Steve Keron


Mr. Keron reported 79 people registered for the Walk Aerobics Class this session.  He also reported that the Annual Easter Party would be April 12, 2014 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon at the West Mifflin High School.


EMS Report …………………………………………………………………….. Chief William Plunkett

Chief Plunkett read the EMS Report for December 2013 as well as the 2013 year end totals. Chief Plunkett reported they received two grants totaling $5,500 for equipment to support the

Pediatric Care Program.  He also received notification from PEMA that they have received two

separate grants totaling $27,802.12 to go towards a 2014 vehicle purchase.





Chief Plunkett reported that the second subscription mailing for 2014 went out late last week.




Mayor Kelly reported that Moody Analytics, Inc. listed West Mifflin in 13th place in Pennsylvania on a list of best towns for job seekers.  He also reported that progress is being made by Moonbeam Capital seeking possible contracts for new tenants at Century III Mall.


Mayor Kelly reported he is extremely pleased with the efforts of Brian Kamauf, Butch Anthony, Chief Davies and Chief Plunkett with the ideas and suggestions they brought forth for our new first class facility.




Solicitor Evashavik reported his firm as well as NIRA Engineering has been working on ongoing negotiations and revisions with a Peoples Gas Company Pipeline Project.


Solicitor Evashavik reported that his law firm has been working with Mr. Kamauf and Mr. Jim Connolly, an outside legal consultant regarding the Police Pension Plan.  He reported that there have been changes made to the State Pension Laws and the Internal Revenue Service and the Pension Plan has not been revised or changed since 1996 and is not in compliance.  He stated that a final plan will be available for Council’s approve in the near future.




Mr. Jovanovich stated that NIRA and the Solicitors have been working on the Easement Agreement with Peoples Gas Company Pipeline Project which is going across Borough property along New England Road.


Mr. Jovanovich reported that the Grant for the Soccer Field Complex has been extended until June 30. 2015.  He also said that LaFarge has delivered approximately 10% of the fill material, however because of the extreme cold weather they have not delivered any recently.




Mr. Kamauf read the Finance Report for the month of December 2013.  He stated that he hopes to have year-end totals by the end of the week and will report final totals for next month’s meeting.


Mr. Kamauf reported that there was a final walk-through at the new Municipal Building and everything is in line for the scheduled January 31, 2014 closing on the property.




Motion by Olack, seconded by Davis that all bills properly approved by the Finance Committee be paid.  Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.




Motion by Marone, seconded by Olack to approve a Utility Easement as reviewed by the Borough Solicitor and the Borough Engineer for Peoples Gas, Lot & Block 386-A-400.  Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.


Motion by Marone, seconded by Olack to approve the lease with the West Mifflin Area School District for use of office space in the new West Mifflin Borough Building pending final review and approval from the Solicitor.  Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.


Motion by Marone, seconded by Olack to approve a leave of absence and authorize the continuation of full benefits and make-up pay difference for Employee #79 during his call to active duty for the United States Air Force Command from February 25, 2014 through April 3,

  1. Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.





Motion by Davis, seconded by Olack to offer a lease agreement for 2014 to WMBL and WMYSL for use of the ball field complexes at Helena Street and the Public Works property locations.  Under remarks, Mr. Moses opened the floor to public comments.


Scott Walker 127 Clubview Drive spoke in length regarding the positive features of the WMYSL that was established in 2013.  He stated that the WMBL and WMYSL is not the cause of softball problems in the Borough however he stated that they are the solution.  The following residents also spoke in favor of WMBL and WMYSL:

Jennifer Nolla 315 Melvin Drive

Bridget Lang 366 Lebanon School Road

Aaron Bell 2606 Campbell Circle David Marshall 2220 Reuben Drive Kim Workmeister 267 Millport Road

David Parkinson 127 Saint Agnes Court


Tracy Hirsh 280 Lewis Run Road spoke in support of the WMGSA and believes it is horrible what is happening and people do not realize the time and effort put into keeping the fields beautiful.


Mr. Moses commented that Council never wanted to be placed in a position like this but unfortunately it has come to that.  He said that there is a lot of emotion on both sides of this and Council has been put in a position to make a decision based on facts not emotions.  Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays.  Motion carried.




Harry Thompson 6679 Adams Avenue questioned whether anyone actually read the Amendment to Chapter 290 of the Borough Zoning Ordinance and also whether it was approved. Mr. Moses stated that Council had it in their possession for a week prior to voting and he did

read it.  He also said that this is the order from Judge James and Council has no latitude in this matter. Solicitor Evashavik explained that the best deal was negotiated to benefit the Borough. Mr. Thompson also commented that the Borough website is not always being updated.  Mr. Kamauf replied that the website is a work in progress and we are doing the best we can to keep it updated.




Motion by Marone, seconded by Olack that the Meeting be adjourned.  Meeting adjourned at

7:30 p.m. prevailing time.