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COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF WESTMIFFLIN met in regular session in the Municipal Building Council Chambers on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. prevailing time with President Regis Stephenson presiding.


ROLL CALL:            Andzelik – Present, Moses – Present, Kostelnik – Present, Marone  – Present, Olack  – Present, Stephenson  – Present


Six members present, absent none. Mayor Kelly present.








Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Olack that the Minutes of the November 15, 2011 Council Meeting be approved. Roll Call:  Six ayes, no nays. Motion carried.




  1. Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Andzelik to appoint John Munsie to fill the vacant council seat on Borough Council. Under remarks, Mr. Marone questioned if Council had changed their opinion of appointing someone who lost the previous election.  He said that two years ago he was told that because he lost the election that he was not the right person for the vacant seat on Council. Mr. Stephenson stated that he had no knowledge of such a comment. Mr. Kostelnik stated that prior to being appointed to Council two years ago he did not know Mr. Munsie and over the past two years he has gotten to know him and feels he is a good person for the Borough.


Roll Call:  Four ayes, two nays(Marone,  Olack). Motion carried.


Mayor Kelly administered the Oath of Office to John Munsie for the 2 year vacant seat on Borough Council.


  1. Motion by Marone, seconded by Moses to appoint Hosack, Specht,Muetzel & Wood LLP to conduct the financial audit of the Borough for 2011.


Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Kostelnik to auction the following 3 vehicles from the Public Works inventory:


  1. 1. 1990 Chevy 1 ton truck 1GBJC34K7LE229165


  1. 2. 1991 Mack10 ton dump truck 1M2P194C2MM00879


  1. 3. 1987 Mack10 ton dump truck 1M2N165C8HA090489


Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. D. Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Marone to scrap the following 2vehicles from the Public Works inventory:


  1. 1. 1986 Ford ½ ton pickup truck 2FTEF15N1GCB46957


  1. 2. 1991Chevy ½ ton pickup truck 10CEK14H3ME196837


Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Marone, seconded by Moses to purchase the following 2vehicles from Upper St. Clair Township:


  1. 1. 2011 International Dump Truck with Stainless Steel Dump Body, Salt Spreader and Snow Plow, VIN #1HTSDAAR11354907;Price $23,000


  1. 2. 2003 Ford F-550 Dump with Stainless Steel Body, Salt Spreader and Snow Plow, VIN #1FDAF57553ED28069; Price$19,000.


Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. F. Motion by Kostelnik, seconded by Andzelik to appoint Michael Moses as Borough Representative to the

Steel Valley Council of Governments.


Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Munsie to purchase 6 ballistic(bulletproof) vests for the Police Officers whose vests are expired at a cost of $600 per vest for a total of $3,600. Under remarks, Mr. Munsie questioned whether this was being paid for from the Federal Forfeiture Fund.  Chief Davies replied this it is being paid from that fund.


Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried. DEPARTMENTALREPORTS: CommunityDevelopment………………………………………………….. Walter Anthony

Mr. Anthony read the Community Development Report for the year ending December31, 2011.


Mr. Anthony reported that the four (4) structures to be demolished through the Steel Valley COG would begin in

February 2012.


Police……………………………………………………………………………….. Kenneth Davies


Chief Davies read the Police Department Report for the month of December 2011.


Chief Davies reported that he received the following four (4) letters of appreciation: a letter from the Deputy Fire Marshall in appreciation of the Police Department Detectives part in solving a McKeesport arson; letters thanking Officer Sabol, Officer Farrell and Officer Woodburn for their assistance during accidents.


PublicWorks……………………………………………………………………. James Hess


Mr. Hess read the Public Works Report for the month of December 2011.


Mr. Hess reported that the Recycling Program is working well and stated that the residents are to be commended. He said December set a record which resulted in a total savings of $6,116.00.


Recreation……………………………………………………………………….. Lance Maha


Steve Keron reported that the Annual Easter Party would be held on March 31, 2012 at the West Mifflin Area High School for ages 1 to 10 years old.  He also reported that Community Day would be held on September 8th at the Allegheny County Airport.


Mr. Kostelnik questioned what the fee is for a permit to use the baseball fields throughout the Borough.  Mr. Keron stated that he believes it is $50.00. Mr. Kostelnik recommended that the fee be increased.  Mr. Andzelik stated that there is a Recreation Board Meeting scheduled for the second Monday in February and that it would be discussed at the meeting.


EMS………………………………………………………………………………… Chief William Plunkett


Chief Plunkett read the EMS Report for the month of December 2011.


Chief Plunkett reported that a new ambulance has been ordered and he thanked Representatives Kortz and Readshaw for their assistance in obtaining grant money in the amount of $28,178.  He reported that approximately $24,000 would be allocated toward the vehicle and $4,500 for the communication equipment.




Mayor Kelly reported that the Salute to Soldiers Program is off and running.  He said there is still time to sign up and that the banners would be displayed for the Memorial Day Holiday.


Mayor Kelly thanked Mr. Anthony for his extra efforts to keep things running smoothly during the Borough

Manager’s absence.


Mayor Kelly reported that the Allegheny County Airport Authority has agreed to meet with Council in the very near future.




Solicitor DiLucente reported that all of the items for his report were covered in Executive Session.


Solicitor DiLucente reported that the Teamsters Local 636 has accepted the Borough’s proposed contract and he received word today that it has been voted on and accepted.  He said that the next step is that it be put into writing for legal qualification by both sides. He said he expects this to be put on the Agenda for a formal vote at the February Council Meeting.




Mr. Stephenson introduced Mr. Raymond Antonelli, Jr. and Mr. Danie lJovanovich of NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. who will be sharing duties as Borough Engineer.


Mr. Jovanovich reported he and Mr. Anthony met with the developer and engineer regarding the proposed and revised PRD for the Westwood Development Project and the nine-lot Single Family Subdivision. He stated that

this would come before the Planning Commission at their meeting on March 5th. Mr. Olack questioned whether a public hearing is required. Mr. Jovanovich replied that because of their change it would go before the Planning Commission for approval and after that then Council would vote on it.




Mr. Kamauf reported that the Borough received the insurance check from the gas card theft.  He said that it was for approximately $81,000 which settles the claim.


Mr. Kamauf thanked everyone involved for their extra help during his absence. PAYMENTOF BILLS:

Motion by Marone, seconded by Moses that all bills properly approved by the Finance Committee bepaid.  Roll

Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried. NEW BUSINESS:

Mr. Marone read a Public Safety report for the month of January 2012and he highlighted a report regarding a fire

at the USS Irvin Works Plant on January 15th.  He thanked everyone involved for their cooperation.


Mr. Andzelik reported that Homestead Library has a Toddler Storytime Program each Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. for ages 2-4 where they are read a story and do crafts.  He said he took his grandchildren and that it is a great program and he feels that the Borough’s donation is going to good use.


Motion by Andzelik, seconded by Munsie to override the Mayor’s veto of the Borough’s Tax Ordinance No. 1177. Under remarks, Mayor Kelly stated he understands the reasoning for overriding the veto since Council has pledged to take a line item-by-line item look at the Budget and questioned whether the commitment would still be there after the veto is overridden. Mr. Stephenson remarked that it would absolutely be followed through.

Mr. Olack commented that after last weeks Caucus meeting Council failed to actually find any savings in the Police Department and that he is in support of vetoing the tax ordinance and his opinion is that more revenue needs to be generated. Mr. Stephenson replied that this was a trial run and Council will continue trying to find savings. Mr. Marone reported that the Four Fire Departments are meeting also to try to find savings, however with costs rising they are not anticipating any savings at this time.


Roll Call: Five ayes, two nays (Marone, Olack). Motion carried.




Diane Stanesic 2803Glenny Lane Extension commented that she was happy to hear that the gas card theft has been settled.  She said she attended the Caucus Meeting and said tha tit is not surprising that there aren’t any items to be cut from Public Safety since it is so important.  She suggested as a citizen and taxpayer that Council and the Mayor give up their monthly stipend because of the budget situation to bring back a furloughed employee or purchase the needed software to streamline the accounting process.


Harry Thompson 6679 Adams Avenue said the new owners of the former PRISM property are in violation of their Occupancy Permit. Mr. Anthony reported that on January 6th he issued the owner of the property a violation notice. He stated that the owner is appealing the violation to the Zoning Hearing Board and the hearing is scheduled for February 7th as well as the appeal that Mr. Thompson has filed against the decision to issue their Occupancy Permit.


Nikki Thielet 1949 Anna Avenue congratulated Mr. Munsie on his appointment to Council.  She also said that she has been doing some research on budgets of surrounding communities and through her research she feels that the Borough relies too much on property tax revenue compared to other communities and should be looking for other avenues to increase revenue. She used McKeesport as an example and questioned why they have a lower percentage budgeted for property tax. Mr. Anthony explained that McKeesport is a 3rd Class City and the taxing

laws are not the same as a Borough.  He stated also that they have a Municipal Services Fee that property owner’s pay and it keeps their property taxes from being raised.




Motion by Andzelik, seconded by Marone that the Meeting be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 6:55p.m. prevailing time.

Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.