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COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH  OF WEST MIFFLIN met in regular session in the Municipal Building Council Chambers on

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. prevailing time with President Regis Stephenson presiding.


ROLL CALL:           Andzelik          Present            Munsie  Present     Falce Present        Olack   Present


Kostelnik         Present            Popovich Present


Stephenson      Present


Seven members present, absent none.  Mayor Kelly present.




James Jasinski 4100 Home Street questioned Item 6 as to whether the Minutes would be posted on the website if they are approved.  Mr. Stephenson stated that they would be.


Diane Stanesic 2803 Glenny Lane Extension questioned under the Payment of Bills how the gas card theft was used to

the extent that is was and she also questioned whether disciplinary action is being taken.  Solicitor Evashavik replied that as far as disciplinary action it is a personnel issue and he cannot answer that.  Mr. Stephenson referred the subject to

Mr. Kamauf and he said that there have been new policies and procedures implemented and that he could not answer for what was done prior to his being here.


Steve Marone 441 Livingston Road questioned what the total combined gas consumption is for a month.  Mr. Stephenson replied that they didn’t have that information with them tonight and suggested that Mr. Kamauf get the information to Mr. Marone as soon as possible.




Motion by Olack, seconded by Kostelnik that the Minutes of the December 9, 2010 Special Meeting, the December 21,

2010 Legislative Meeting and the December 27, 2010 Special Meeting Minutes be approved.  Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.




  1. Motion by Olack, seconded by Popovich to approve the agreement  with Life Span regarding use of space in the

Borough Building, Room 106. Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.


  1. Motion by Munsie, seconded by Kostelnik to approve Work Change Order #1 for the Avon Wall Project in the amount of $6,192.83. Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.




Community Development………………………………………………….. Walter B. Anthony


Mr. Anthony reported the conditional use ordinance pertaining to drilling for gas and oil is being reviewed and will be passed on to the Planning Commission for recommendation in March and then back to Council for a Public Hearing and action.


Mr. Anthony reported that the HH Gregg store is proceeding well and they plan to open at the end of March.


Mr. Anthony reported that the Westwood Golf Club has retained a new engineer for their Planned Residential

Development and they will be meeting with him before going to the Planning Commission. Police……………………………………………………………………………….. Captain Richards

Captain Richards read the Police Department Report for the month of January 2011. Public Works……………………………………………………………………. James Hess

Mr. Hess read the Public Works Department Report for the month of January 2011. He also stated that proceeds from recycling were $3,581 and also $1767 of savings in landfill fees.  He also reported there have been 11 snow call outs and that 4,000 ton of salt has been received to date.


Mr. Hess reported that PA Water Company notified the Borough they would be doing replacement water line projects on the following streets:  Byard, Terrace, Michael and Hawkins.


Mr. Kostelnik requested that Mr. Hess add the amount of fuel used monthly to his report. Recreation……………………………………………………………………….. Lance Maha

Mr. Keron reported representatives from Youth Wrestling and Girls Softball attended the first Recreation Board Monthly

Meeting.  He also reported that he has preliminary approval to have Community Day at the Allegheny County Airport and will follow up with a letter next week.




Mayor Kelly introduced West Mifflin Volunteer Fire Company No. 3 Chief Steve Schwab who updated Council on the status of a gas leak that caused a small explosion in the basement of a home along Blueberry Drive on the previous Saturday.  He reported that the cause is not yet known however samples of the gas have been collected and are being tested in a lab in Illinois to determine whether it is methane or natural gas. He said an investigation is being done by the Allegheny County Fire Marshal’s office, the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission, Equitable Gas, the State Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Mines, the West Mifflin Sanitary Sewer Authority, U.S. Steel Emergency Response Team and an investigation firm hired by the Borough’s insurance provider.  He said he is expecting lab results this week and once it is known investigators will work to identify the source.  Mayor Kelly also thanked Public Works Director Jim Hess and Dane Bonacci of the Sewer Authority who he contacted after hours for promptly arriving at the scene with documents that the fire departments needed.


Mayor Kelly introduced Chief William Plunkett of the newly formed Baldwin-Pleasant Hills-West Mifflin EMS to update Council on their first week of operations.  Chief Plunkett reported they are using a room on the second floor of the Borough Building and they were up and running as of 7:00 a.m. Saturday.  He stated that the employees are continuing to learn their new service area and they have been very busy and everything is going very well. He also thanked Mr. Kamauf for all his help with the transition.  Chief Plunkett said he has already met with West Mifflin Area School District, Locust Grove Assisted Living, the Allegheny County Airport and USS Irvin Works. Mr. Andzelik said he received a call from Allegheny County Community College and requested that the Chief contact them as well.




Mr. Evashavik reported he received a request for a Liquor License transfer for a restaurant that is interested in moving into the Borough and he has notified the applicant of the application process.


Mr. Evashavik reported he has reviewed the proposed Oil & Gas Drilling Ordinance and it is available for Council’s review.


Mr. Evashavik received an inquiry pertaining to the continuing issue of the Airport ordinance and reported that he sent a response to Mr. Kamauf.  He stated he had drafted a preliminary ordinance last year and would continue to work with Mr. Kamauf and Mr. Anthony on the ordinance.


Mr. Evashavik was provided with the proposed Duquesne Light Company contract asking for legal review.  He stated that after reviewing he has given his approval for enactment by Council.




Mr. Rober reported that the Avon Road Project has been completed and the road was opened the previous Friday with temporary roadway in place.  He said the final paving would be completed in the fall of 2011.


Mr. Rober reported the two school traffic signals are now operational.  He also said the signal at Commonwealth Avenue and Brierly Lane has been powered up today and negotiations are going on for a change order for a reduction in costs

for the Bettis signal.  He indicated that there is still a need for Council to approve execution of the signal agreement.




Mr. Kamauf reported that the new recycling program that started last July has generated  $14,132 in revenue and also additional savings in landfill fees.


Mr. Kamauf reported he attended a meeting today with Sean Logan, Vice-President of UPMC Community Relations, Mayor Kelly, Mr. Falce, Mr. Munsie and Mr. Anthony regarding UPMC’s recent purchase of a property at 1907 Lebanon Church Road and their plans to renovate.  Mr. Kamauf said they plan to move an oncology center it operates at Jefferson Regional Medical Center into the facility and an imaging center which combined should produce up to 20 new jobs. He also said that Mr. Logan told them that UPMC will pay property taxes on the facility through 2011and the Borough

would be notified if there are changes for 2012.




Motion by Olack, seconded by Kostelnik that all bills properly approved by the Finance Committee be paid.  Roll Call: Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.




Steve Keron submitted four (4) requests for donations from Borough organizations to Mr. Andzelik for approval.  He reported that the donations this year would be a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1000 depending on the type of organization.




Jim Jasinski 4100 Home Street commended Mr. Hess and the Street Department for the great job on the snow removal. He then questioned what amount has been allocated for street paving this year. Mr. Stephenson replied that at this point there is nothing in the budget for paving; however there was a refund of $127,000 from refinancing the Bond. He stated that Council has anticipated putting it toward paving although it has not yet been acted upon and he stated that he hopes that would happen.  Mr. Jasinski also asked for an update on the Westwood property.  Mr. Anthony explained that they are still in the planning process for a planned residential development with 38 units.  Mr. Stephenson explained that there are many items to comply with in order for Council to approve this process.


Steve Marone 441 Livingston Road said he did a comparison of Baldwin EMS and Jefferson Hills EMS and in his findings it is more efficient and cost effective for the residents to go with Jefferson Hills EMS.  Mr. Marone stated that one of the comparisons pertained to the voluntary subscription fees which he said Baldwin EMS is $75 per household and $50 for individuals and Jefferson Hills EMS is $40 for households and $35 for individuals.  Chief Plunkett said Baldwin EMS will accept lower fees from residents who can’t pay the fee if they contact them.  Mr. Kostelnik asked if Baldwin would consider setting a lower fee if the Borough were to increase its direct funding.  Chief Plunkett said they would consider discussing it.  Mr. Marone questioned whether there will be mutual aid with the surrounding communities.  Mr. Plunkett said that there absolutely would be as well as Baldwin providing aid to surrounding communities when necessary.


Edward Manfredi 805 Joyce Drive questioned if a visitor at his residence would be covered by his household membership.  Mr. Plunkett replied that the household membership covers any incident at the address.






Mr. Stephenson announced that Student Government Day would be the next Council Meeting on March 15, 2011. Motion by Andzelik, seconded by Kostelnik that the Meeting be adjourned.  Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m. prevailing

time.  Roll Call:  Seven ayes, no nays. Motion carried.