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CASE# ZHB 16-07



ADDRESS: 500 Speedway Dr

Enon, Ohio 45323



Robert & Nancy Kranack

PROPERTY LOCATION: 4315 Kennywood Boulevard

                 West Mifflin, PA 15122


ZONING DISTRICT: C-1 General Commercial


Applicant is requesting 9 variances to Chapter 290 of the Borough of West Mifflin Code of Ordinance (Zoning Chapter). The applicant is requesting the following variances:


  1. Lighting Variance (§29031.F.1) – Request a variance to allow minimal light spillage onto the public ROW on Kennywood Boulevard and Valeview Drive. Due to the 3.5 footcandle requirement on all paved areas, some lighting must spill over onto the public ROW.
  2. Wall Sign Variance (§290139.C.3) – Request a variance to add a second internally illuminated wall sign attached to the building. This sign will be supporting signage which depicts that the proposed building has Speedy Café food services.
  3. Freestanding Sign Variance (§290139.C.5) – Request a variance to reduce the sign setback from 10′ to 4′. The proposed freestanding sign cannot meet the 10′ setback due to proposed driveway circulation around the auto dispensers.
  4. Freestanding Sign Variance (§290139.C.5) – Request a variance for an additional 25 sf in sign area. Speedway proposes a 125 SF goal post sign. Providing large and clearly visible pricing allows the driving public to quickly and safely identify the cost, to determine if they wish to stop and make the appropriate lane movement(s) to enter the site.
  5. Freestanding Sign Variance (§290139.C.5) – Request a 1′ variance for a decrease in clearance distance between the bottom edge of the sign with the ground. The proposed sign has a clearance of 9′. Since there will not be any traffic circulation around or under the sign, a 9′ clearance should be acceptable.
  6. Canopy Sign Variance – Request a variance for an additional 194 sf of sign area for the canopy signage. The Zoning Ordinance does not specify requirements for canopy signage. Speedway requires canopy signage to promote business.
  7. Sign Area Variance – Request a variance for an additional 80 sf of sign area for snap signs between bollards. These signs will advertise specials, new products, and deals.
  8. Rear Building Setback Variance (§290-11 & Attachment 3:4) – Request a 10′ variance for a decrease in the minimum rear yard requirement. The distance between the rear property line and the building will be 10′. The existing building does not comply with the required rear setback (or other setbacks) and only a portion of the proposed building will be located within the required rear yard. There are no doors or activity along the proposed rear wall of the store.


  1. Landscape Screening Variance (§290-31.B.1) – Request a variance to allow installation of an 8′ tall vinyl fence along the east property line as a physical barrier instead of landscaping plantings. The proposed fence will provide a visual barrier, and installation of landscaping behind the store is hampered by the proposed utilities servicing the store