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Any West Mifflin citizens and/or business owners interested in serving on the newly created Economic Development Board (more information below), should e-mail Councilman John Inglis at [email protected] for more details.

The Borough of West Mifflin Council has created an Economic Development Board which will comprise of citizen, business owner, and borough council members. The initial goals of the board are as follows:

1. Identify potential business opportunities throughout the Borough with the objective of assisting Council with economic development

2. Establish lines of communication with current business owners throughout the Borough with the objective of hearing the business community’s concerns related to business challenges within the Borough and relaying information back to Council

3. Serve as a liaison to potential new business owners with the objective of attracting new businesses to the Borough

4. Coordinate with Allegheny County Economic Development, state, and federal agencies to access funding and financial incentive programs

5. Organize regular public meetings for the purpose of discussing business development with the wider community