Shelter Rentals

Residents of West Mifflin Borough may reserve a shelter one year from the date they would like to reserve.

Non-residents may reserve a shelter after March 1st of that year.

Cash is accepted – checks are accepted payable to Borough of West Mifflin

100% Refund due to cancellation only if pavilion is re-booked for that date otherwise normal refund of $25 will apply.

There are no downloadable forms for making reservations. You must apply for a shelter reservation in person.

Park reservations can be made in person at reception at the West Mifflin Borough Building (1020 Lebanon Road).

Monday through Friday 7:30am until 3:30pm

It is advisable to call Administration at (412) 466 – 8170 to confirm the availability of the date that you need, or you can see the current reservation schedule by looking up the date on the calendar at the top of this page.

Shelter 1

Resident Fee - $100.00

Non-Resident Fee - $125.00

Shelter 2

Resident Fee $75.00

Non-Resident Fee - $100.00Pavillion 2

Shelter 3

Resident Fee $75.00

Non-Resident Fee - $100.00

Pavillion 3

Shelter 4

Resident Fee $75.00

Non-Resident Fee - $100.00

Pavillion 4

Special Requests

Alcohol Permit:

Residents - $25.00

Non-Residents - $35.00

Other Special Requests (DJ, Inflatable, ETC)

Residents - $10.00

Non-Residents - $15.00