Dog Park

West Mifflin thanks U.S Steel and the West Mifflin Community Foundation. Fenced area at the dog park

In January 2020, U. S. Steel presented a check for $20,000 to fund the construction of fencing for the dog park in West Mifflin on Glenny Lane Extension.

U. S. Steel’s donation supplemented the West Mifflin Community Foundation’s other fundraising efforts and represents this initiative’s single biggest contribution, helping to turn the idea of a dog park into a reality.

The dog park will provide a dedicated space for dog owners in West Mifflin and the surrounding communities to allow their pets to socialize, exercise, and play. This unique space in West Mifflin includes two large fenced areas covering nearly 40,000 square feet for off-leash use including dog park equipment, seating areas, and a small pavilion.

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