Tax Collection

2023 Hours

January & February: Tuesdays, 10am - 1pm

March: Wednesday, 9am - 2pm & Thursday, 12pm - 4pm

April: Wednesday, 9am - 4pm & Thursday, 12pm - 7pm

May - July: 9am - 2pm & Thursday, 12pm - 4pm 

August: 9am - 4pm & Thursday, 12pm - 7pm 

September - December: 9am - 2pm & Thursday, 12pm - 4pm  

Saturday, April 29 and Saturday, August 19: 10am - 2pm

Office closed week of May 29 - June 2


This office collects Real Estate Taxes Only (Borough and School District). All Real Estate Taxes are due to our office by December 31st of the current tax year. All unpaid taxes must be turned over to the delinquent tax collector, Legal Tax (412-464-9997), as required by State Law.

Borough Tax bill is issued in March and the School District Tax bill is issued in July. If you do not receive your respective tax bill by their issuing month, please contact our office immediately, so that we can issue this for you.

Email our Office

Borough Real Estate Tax Information

  • The two percent (2%) discount period is from March 1st until April 30th.
  • The non-discount, non-penalty (face) period is from May 1st until June 30th.
  • The penalty period is from July 1st until December 31st.

School District Real Estate Tax Information

  • The school district discount period is from July 1st until August 31st.
  • The non-discount, non-penalty (face) period is September 1st until October 31st.
  • The penalty period is from November 1st until December 31st

How to Pay

  1. In person by visiting the Real Estate Tax Office during our office hours or using one of our two drop boxes. We have a drop box located on the exterior of the Borough Building and inside at the Real Estate Tax Office. If you choose to leave your payment at a drop box location, please include your bill and stamped, self-addressed envelope if you would like a receipt.
  2. Mailing in your tax bill to the address below. Please note that the tax is paid by check or money order only. It can be made out to Jonathan R. Hess. The mailing address is
    • Jonathan R. Hess
      Tax Collector, Borough of West Mifflin
      1020 Lebanon Road
      West Mifflin, PA 15122

Pay Online

  • To pay your Borough Property Taxes online, please visit 
  • School Property Taxes will be available to pay online beginning in July
  • *Note - the online payment option is not available for installment payments 

Please Note: there is a taxpayer fee for this service:

  • Credit/Debit Cards will have a service fee of 2.5% with a minimum of $1.95, whichever is greater
  • eChecks: Checks up to $50,000.00 = fee of $1.75; $50,000.01 – $75,000.00 = fee of $3.00; $75,000.01 – $100,000.00 = fee of $6.00; $100,000.01 – $150,000.00 = fee of $10.00; $150,000.01 – $250,000.00 = fee of $15.00
  • The service fee is not part of your tax bill and West Mifflin, will not receive any portion of the fee associated with this payment service

Allegheny County Tax Information

Act 77 Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief

Residents who are at least 60 years old, have an annual income of $30,000 a year or less (counting just half of Social Security or Railroad Tier One benefits), and have lived in and owned their current Allegheny County residence for at least 10 years are eligible for a thirty percent (30%) reduction in their county tax bill.

For more information, see the Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief Program page on Allegheny County’s Office of Property Assessments website.

Property Tax Certifications

You can request a 3 year Borough and School District Tax Certification by sending a request to the Tax Office along with a $30 check made payable to Jonathan R. Hess